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Billing Process

Test Order   

Healthcare provider orders testing and lab begins processing the sample

Payment Method   

Patient chooses preferred payment method: insurance or payment at time of service

Prior Authorization  

Prior authorization is performed if needed, and claims are filed with the insurance company

Patient invoice   

An invoice will be issued according to the payment method selected

Billing FAQs

Patients can pay at the time of service or pay online once the statement is received in the mail. Patients paying the bill in full at the time of service may get their bill discounted.

The WestPac Labs invoice/bill you have received is for laboratory testing ordered by your healthcare provider. Your healthcare provider has chosen to send your specimen to WestPac Labs for testing. For your convenience, WestPac Labs will provide notice of why you have received a bill. 

Common reasons patients may have additional financial responsibility include the following:

  • The insurance carrier has denied a claim per plan benefits.
  • Incomplete or incorrect information was received; updated insurance or personal information may be required.
  • The insurance carrier processed the claim and applied the balance to your copay, coinsurance or deductible.

Please call WestPac Labs’s Billing Department at 866.799.0271 to discuss your laboratory bill or to update insurance information.

An EOB is a claim statement sent whenever you use your health plan for services from our laboratory. The EOB will show how your benefits cover the cost of your service and is not a bill. A WestPac Labs invoice/bill is the portion of an amount that was not covered or eligible for payment under your insurance plan.

WestPac Labs will bill the policy holder for payment of coinsurance or deductibles incurred for covered services provided to covered dependents.

Out-of-network indicates your laboratory does not have a contract with your health insurance. You have a choice in selecting a laboratory to provide diagnostic testing that is in-network with your health insurance carrier. Remaining in-network will help to reduce your out-of-pocket expenses.

In some instances, laboratory results of a screening test may dictate the need for reflex testing to further identify significant diagnostic information for appropriate patient care. Examples of these reflex tests include determination of the antibiotic sensitivity of bacteria that are identified in culture specimens and determination of an enzyme immunoassay test for HIV when an antibody test for the virus is present in a sample of body fluids.

We can send you a bill or you can pay at the time of service.

Yes, we have a financial assistance program. We offer payment plans as well as a program based on income. Contact us to learn more.