About WestPac

WestPac Labs is the new name for three anatomical and clinical laboratories which are part of the Sonic Healthcare USA federation of community laboratories.

WestPac is made up of Physician's Automated Laboratories, which serves Bakersfield and surrounding areas; Central Coast Pathology Laboratory which serves San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara and Ventura counties and West Pacific Medical Laboratories which serves Southern California.

WestPac's  contibuting laboratories have more than 90 combined years of serving the people of California.

This name change will not affect you or your business. Our name change will help streamline our laboratory services and reduce redundancies in our workflow, but will not affect the quality of work that we perform.

Getting lab work done

At this time testing is restricted to your local branch of WestPac Labs. If you are a former PAL client or are in Bakersfield, lab work can be performed at any of our local Patient Service Centers, a full list of which is located here.

Former CCPL clients or those located in San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara and Ventura counties should have their testing perfomed at local labs, a full list of which is located here.

Former WPML clients or those located throughout Southern California should have their testing performed at local labs, a full list of which is located here.

All of our insurance providers are available here, please note that insurance providers does vary depending on location.

 Information regarding our Patient Service Center locations and hours of operation can be found on our Locations page

Lab testing cannot be performed without a prescprion from a physician. Please make sure to bring your prescription, insurance card and a valid ID with you.

Fasting should be 8 -12 hours for most tests – drink water only, this includes coffee. Unless instructed otherwise by your physician, take your regular medications.

Most tests are available witin 24-48 hours.

Results will be made available to your ordering physician. A copy of your results is also available by completeing a Medical Records Request and Release Form:


Central Coast

Southern California

Billing questions

You can pay for lab testing at the time of service. If you pay for testing after time of service you will be sent a bill, it can be paid by check, credit or debit card.

We will bill you. However, if you pay for your tests at the time of service , we will discount your entire bill.

Prior authorization is a process used by many insurance companies to determine if a procedure, service, or medication will be covered. 

Learn more about Prior authorization here.

Our online bill payment has not changed after our name change, click here to pay your bill online or contact us at 888.547.2302