COVID-19: Travel To Hawaii Information

WestPac Labs is now offering COVID-19 Testing Services as an approved partner of the State of Hawaii’s Trusted Testing and Travel Partners Program.  Travel testing services are only available through select participating providers.

Step-by-Step Process

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Allow for a minimum of 48 hours from sample being received at the lab for results and travel documents.*

Testing must be performed by WestPac Lab and ordered under the Hawaii Travel test code, U598.

As provided by federal law, health plans and issuers may cover the cost for COVID-19 diagnostic tests for elective travel purposes.

Patients are responsible to pay $150 to WestPac Labs or the Participating Provider for this elective COVID testing and additional services specifically for the Safe Travels Hawaii testing program.

The Hawaii Travel test code includes the following services:

  • U697 [U0003] SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) by NAAT Unknown Risk, $75
  • U219 [U0005] CMS 48-HR TAT, $25
  • Administration for Safe Travels Hawaii Program, $50

If patients submit a claim to their insurance, the plan may only reimburse the COVID-screening portion of the services, U697 [U0003] and U219 [U0005].

To make the process as easy as possible please follow these guidelines:
  • Be sure to provide an accurate and complete email for your results
  • Registration is key to receiving your results and Hawaii Form. Without registering you will not have what you need to enter Hawaii.
  • Be sure to print or download a copy of your Hawaii Result Form prior to traveling. 
    • Please contact WestPac Customer Service if you do not recieve your Hawaii Result Form.
      • Central Valley/Central Coast: (661) 325-0744
      • Southern California: (562) 906-5227
  • In addition to your result form from WestPac, you will also need to visit and register for your trip with the state of Hawaii.

PLEASE NOTE: Hawaii requires a NEGATIVE WestPac test result in order to enter the state. Any result that is rendered positive will not render a Hawaii form but will direct you quarantine and to follow up via phone with your physician. Your collection provider will also be notified as the ordering provider and will be reaching out to you for further guidance as well.


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