Valued WestPac Lab Client and Care Provider,

PC update with SPS is required for Atlas users before February 14th!

At this time we have been informed that Microsoft Corp. is removing Internet Explorer from their products as of mid-February. As the present Atlas silent printing solution, MeadCo Print Control, is dependent on Internet Explorer, Atlas has developed an alternative called SPS, which will work with alternative browsers such as Google Chrome. We have begun coordinating deployment of SPS to the PCs WestPac manages. For client owned PCs, WestPac is going to deploy an Atlas logon message providing the client users with the instructions needed to install SPS on their own PCs. Please follow the instructions provided by Atlas and install SPS before February 14.

Failure to install SPS on PCs may lead to issues with printing out requisitions, results and specimen labels, among other printed outputs from Atlas.

Thank you for your collaboration in advance.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Steve Foroutan Information Technology Manager via email at or Dr. Zoltan Nagymanyoki M.D, Ph.D., MBA, medical director at