Dear Valued Client:

WestPac Labs respect client and patient privacy and places emphasis on compliance with HIPAA and other federal regulations. We require that every communication channel which is used to share patient information is verified and documented. In order to stay compliant with this requirement, we ask all providers to specify the full name of the other healthcare provider and provide the method of delivery (i.e.: fax number or address) on the requisition form when requesting results to be shared or copied.

Providing only a name, fax number, or address by themselves is not sufficient for us to verify that the results are shared with the intended person. A clinic with multiple providers cannot be used as a destination for patient results.

Per federal regulation, fax numbers need to be verified periodically. We have ongoing audits to verify that documents sent via fax to our clients reach the appropriate audience. Please return those notification requests in a timely manner, otherwise the fax number may be disabled until the verification process is completed.  

Thank you for your cooperation in protecting our patients’ privacy and ensuring that the patient results are handled confidentially.



If you have any questions, please contact your account service representative. Thank you for choosing WestPac Labs as your laboratory provider.