January 1, 2019 will bring a greatly anticipated change to our organization.  It is our pleasure to announce that our name will change to WestPac Labs, Inc. This change replaces the following company names, as they will no longer be used:

  • Central Coast Pathology Laboratory
  • Physician’s Automated Laboratory
  • West Pacific Medical Laboratory

This change will unify our California operations to provide the best quality care for the medical communities that we serve. It also reflects our ongoing efforts to maintain and improve upon our service levels to our clients and patients throughout California.

Please be assured that with these changes, a steady constant is our outstanding team of approximately 500 employees and the affiliated pathology groups that live and work in Kern County, The Central Coast, Santa Barbara, and Southern California. All are dedicated to continuing to provide excellent care to our clients, partners, friends and family in the areas we are fortunate to serve.

Under the unified WestPac Labs, Inc. brand, our infrastructure and patient access will extend from San Diego through Los Angeles, Bakersfield and San Luis Obispo to just north of San Francisco. Our new single website will allow these geographic areas to identify their local Patient Service Centers which will improve efficiencies for clients and patients.

We look forward to continuing to serve our patients, clients, and partners for many years to come under our new brand of WestPac Labs, Inc.